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Mandala Wellness & Psychology Practice

Mandala is the anglicization of an ancient Sanskrit word, Mandal, which means ‘circle’. Renowned Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung likened mandalas drawings to representations of the mind. Mandalas are a representation of one’s inner world (the microcosm) and outer world (the macrocosm).


This link between the deepest recesses of our minds and our actions in everyday life is what psychology seeks to understand. As such, Mandala is analogous to psychology, the science of behavior and mind.


Mandala Wellness and Psychology Practice epitomes holistic mental wellness inspired by the science behind mandalas. It was started with the aim of providing accessible and affordable mental health services to everyone. Talk to us to find out more about our rates.


Our services include individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, psychological and neuropsychological diagnostic assessments, mental health related talks and workshops. We also work with a network of recognized alternative therapists who provide essential services towards preserving mental wellness. 


Our Mandala

A circle in the centre with lines radiating away from it– forming 5 interlinked human shapes, with the circle as the head. Seen together, they look like a unique flower. Between them are 5 V-shaped lines, like the sepals of a flower. These intricate lines are enclosed within two concentric circles. There is also a transition of colours.

What does this all mean?

The person in the middle is an individual with more than one facet, represented by the multiple roles we play in life. Wellness supports the individual, helping them bloom into better versions of themselves. Just like the sepals that hold up the petals.

Mandala Psychology Logo


Every individual is a microcosm, as the smaller circle denotes. Every microcosm is in constant interaction with the world around, the macrocosm; the larger circle.
The colour gradient shifts seamlessly from a deep blue at the top to a golden tinge at the base. That flowing change is a symbol of your journey, where your presence is valid no matter how far you have come or how far you have to go. The change is constant.

Best Version

At Mandala Wellness and Psychology Practice, we believe you can be the best version of yourself.

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