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I am Sophie Cheng, Senior Psychotherapist here at Mandala Wellness & Psychology Practice. I am also a  registered Social Worker and a social work educator. Here at Mandala Wellness and Psychology Practice, I provide psychotherapy for clients with mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress and other interpersonal issues.

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Her Story

Sophie Cheng is a registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers. She received her Bachelors in Social Sciences from the National University of Singapore in 2004 and Masters in Social Work with a mental health concentration at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis in 2018. With over ten years of psychotherapy experience in the community and medical settings locally and internationally, she is experienced in providing psychotherapy to individuals and families who are facing stress and other mental health concerns. She received extensive training in various modalities of psychotherapy including Solution Focused Brief Therapy (Graduate Diploma); Interpersonal Psychotherapy (Level B); the Gottman Method for couples (Level 3); Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy); and Guided Imagery and Music Therapy (Level 2). She has received numerous awards including National Day Award (Efficiency) and Service with a Heart Award (silver).


Sophie believes that given the right conditions, everyone can benefit from psychotherapy as it helps to create a safe space for reflection and potential for change. Given that the world is everchanging, she has not stopped learning about new modalities and forms of psychotherapy to meet the emerging needs of the population she serves. On top of using words, she also believes in the power of creative arts like music and uses music and guided imagery in her work to help clients in their wellness journey. When she is not providing psychotherapy services, she enjoys reading, writing and all things musical.

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